Penn Chemistry: Roy and Diana Vagelos Laboratories: Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (IAST)

The Roy and Diana Vagelos Laboratories

The Roy and Diana Vagelos Laboratories: Institute for Advanced Sciences and Technology provide Penn with 102,000 square feet of research, office and meeting space in bioengineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, and medicine. This 5 floor building houses 3 floors of Chemistry research space representing the all of the academic disciplines of the Department as well 3 AV equipped departmental seminar rooms, 9 faculty offices and portions of the NMR facility. This building also hosts the Journal of Polymer Science – Part A: Polymer Chemistry. The 5th floor of this building houses elements of the Engineering School and the 1st floor houses the Institute for Medicine and Engineering (IME)

The infrastructure of the Vagelos Labs has been designed to adapt to rapidly advancing technologies: it includes molecular lab units within large, open spaces and the capacity to easily reconfigure services, systems, and equipment. Special features of the laboratories include extensive capacity, vibration control, stray-field interference control, and self-cleaning research areas.