Past Events

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar: Dr. Alexandra Velian, University of Washington

"Molecular Insights into Metal-Support Interactions for Catalyst Design"
Nov 16, 2022 at -


Organic Chemistry Seminar, Dr. Tom Maimone

“Synthetic Studies of Complex Natural Products”
Nov 15, 2022 at -


Biological Chemistry Seminar Series: Dr. Brian Liau

Nov 9, 2022 at -

Location: Lynch Room, Chemistry Building

Physical Chemistry Seminar: Dr. David Masiello

"Nanometer-Scale Spatial and Spectral Mapping of Exciton Polaritons in Structured Plasmonic Cavities"
Nov 4, 2022 at


Inorganic Chemistry Seminar: Dr. James Hohman

TBA Title & Abstract
Nov 1, 2022 at -

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